Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied parents. Testimonials are necessary so that you could make a true impression about us and our teaching system, the use of discussion for dissertation during teaching, etc. If you are a parent of a prior New School In The Heights student, and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


Our daughter had painful and traumatic experiences in kindergarten and first grade while attending public school. Without going into a very long and horrific narration of those events, suffice it to say that we were desperate parents searching for a safe haven for our daughter to heal, learn and grow. Our daughter experienced a safe environment at the New School, and she was introduced to methods beyond normal teaching techniques that enabled her to understand social issues and behaviors that society expects from our children whether they are disabled or not. The staff at New School did not treat our daughter as a disabled child - they treated her as a whole child with intelligence and character the public school personnel failed to recognize. The structure, staff, counselors and Dr. Manning provided the perfect environment our daughter needed. When an incident arose they simply handled it professionally and lovingly. We were no longer in fear when the phone rang. No more teachers and principals running up to us to tell us how what happened at school. The love and expertise of the staff at New School gently nourished our daughter, giving her the necessary tools she will take into her adulthood.

— A Grateful Mom

When I brought my son to The New School in the Heights, I was desperate for help. He was acting out in public school, and his grades were dropping. The public school teachers and administrators did not know how to help. Moving to The New School enabled my son to be surrounded by highly capable teachers in small classroom environments. There was no more bullying - and we finally had peace in our home. We parents were asked to meet with administrators and teachers on a bi-weekly basis throughout the year to monitor progress. The methods at The New School changed my son's academic and social performances as well as our parenting style. It was amazing to watch our son grow to where he is now. He is on the honor roll and is making new friends daily. He has a renewed confidence and joy in his life, and I fully attribute his successes to God and The New School in the Heights.

— A Grateful Parent & New School Mom

The New Middle School in the Heights was a God-send for our family. In addition to the current curriculum, our son received everything he needed at NMS. The "Wrap Around" concept really works - the teachers, the parents and the parent helpers all work together and nothing gets past this team. Everyone works with real time information about the child, and thus is able to work daily on situations as they arise. In our experience, that timely team effort made all the difference. Not only is it necessary for a child's growth, it helps not having to go to several different therapists and doctors who aren't always on the same page.

We highly recommend The New Middle School in the Heights for any child and/or family who is looking for quality and professional help in a nurturing and warm environment.

— A Grateful Parent & New School Mom

Our son has always brought MORE of everything; more energy, more intellectual curiosity, more anxiety, more defiance, more meltdowns, more exasperation, and more raised eyebrows from other parents. We were coming to our wits end, and he was only in Kindergarten! Thus began our Houston-wide tour of special schools including: Harris, Joy, Monarch, Parish, Focus, and a Montessori or two (all of which had impressive strengths and specialties). But the day we entered the New School in the Heights was the day we experienced new hope.

We desperately needed a NEW school, with a new approach, new techniques, new guidance, and new results. Dr. Manning and her gifted faculty and staff have given us all these. At a recent holiday celebration, several relatives noted the marked progress of our son! Tuition isn't cheap, and the drive (for us) is a long one. But we look at it as the best investment we can presently make for our child who just requires . . . more.

We are SO grateful for New School in the Heights.

How do you say thank to a school that has been not only been a fabulous school but also a sanctuary, a supportive and safe place and a key part of why my family has endured and thrived thru many hardships and roadblocks? It truly takes a village to raise a child. NSH has been a key component of my village. They helped me to keep my ship afloat.

A child of divorce myself, I credit my NSH Parent Helper in helping me to heal myself and teaching me how to be the very best parent I could and wanted to be both guiding and directing me through many difficulties and issues from my own messy divorce, then dealing and living with, managing and teaching a child with both learning disabilities and with severe and deep seated behavior issues and also empowering and assisting my other child who suffered from low self esteem, severe anxiety and depression. They helped him find his voice and his place. In addition, the counselors, my children's' helpers, available and provided thru the NSH, worked with each of my sons to see them thru to standing strong and proud on their own and learning how to be independent and successful in both life and in school. When other schools said "NO" or we don't care, the NSH said "YES" and we care. When other helpers said "NO" or impossible, NSH said "YES" and give it time. This is a one-of-a-kind school with a winning "team" approach that is centered on a caring and loving team that includes parents and their children, teachers, parent helpers and "children helpers" that focus on the "whole" family and child's health and not just winning scores on a test.

Without the wisdom and compassion and "wrap around" approach provided by Dr. Manning and Dr. Farley and their school's wonderful teachers and "helpers", neither myself nor my two sons, who were both adopted at birth, nor my ex husband would be at the place we are at right now. Both of my sons are a success in school and outside of school. It took time and a lot of very hard work on all of our parts with baby steps forward and sometimes a few steps backward. The team associated with NSH has been a crucial, invaluable and essential part of my village.

— A Thankful Parent