Therapeutic Animals
Faithful Paws, a team of volunteers and their certified therapeutic animals, has partnered up with NSH for weekly therapeutic sessions with students. The animals are all certified K-9 Good Citizens, have previous experience working with children, and are naturals at showing affection and patience. Community service has been an important piece of our program this year, and we are grateful for the newest members of our NSH community. year.

Super Hero 5k
Students in our upper school completed the Super Hero 5K to raise money for cancer patients in need of laptops. Congratulations!

Blue Trees Project
The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of trees in our community and the destruction of trees worldwide. The first installation occurred in Vancouver in April 2011. The temporary installation in Houston and Galveston will remain until the natural blue pigment washes away.

NMS students got together to pay tribute to this awesome project in May 2013. The students worked together to paint two trees on campus using non toxic paint. The students are excited about spreading the message of preserving our community.

Open Door Project
Throughout Houston, you may stumble across public art exhibits known as "Open the Door." The Heights Blvd. exhibit is called "The Journey." The exhibit symbolizes the unique environment that the Heights community provides for Houston.

NSH serves a special student base that is in the heart of the Heights community. The teachers and students worked together to develop their own installation of the project, which hangs directly across the Heights Blvd esplanade installation.

NSH Volunteers

This year, we introduced students with opportunities to volunteer. By collaborating with A&M Agriculture & Peggy Moore, Houston Food Bank, and the YMCA, we have developed partnerships that will continue to provide our students with continued volunteer opportunities outside of our campus. The volunteer program has helped to establish positive leaders on our campus. Students were chosen from the upper school to be a part of the program to work in lower school classrooms and around campus. Volunteers were nominated and asked to fulfill various roles on campus, such as Reading Rangers, Library Assistants, NSH Mentor’s and participated in the Community Garden Club. After the success of the NSH Running Club, we are excited to provide our upper school students with the opportunity to be “Fitness Heroes.” Upper school students will be partnered up with lower school students to engage in fitness activities and games.