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The Mission of The New School In The Heights is to provide an alternative educational experience for children with good or superior intelligence whose social-emotional delays interfere with success in school and life.


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Below is some general information about River Oaks:

River Oaks is an affluent community located in the geographic center of Houston, Texas, United States. Located within the 610 Loop and between Downtown and Uptown, the community spans 1,100 acres (450 ha). Established in the 1920s by brothers William and Michael Hogg, the community became a well-publicized national model for community planning. River Oaks is one of the wealthiest communities in Texas and the United States. Real estate values in the community range from $1 to over $20 million. The community is home to River Oaks Country Club, which includes a golf course designed by architect Donald Ross.

William and Michael Hogg, the sons of former Texas Governor Jim Hogg, and attorney Hugh Potter established River Oaks in the 1920s. Potter obtained an option to purchase 200 acres (81 ha) around the River Oaks Country Club in 1923, and in the following year William Hogg established the Country Club Estates in order to support the development of the community. The two brothers promoted the sale of lots in the subdivision for $2,200 apiece in 1928. The brothers, along with sister Ima Hogg, oversaw the construction of Bayou Bend, a stately southern-style home on the banks of Buffalo Bayou.

The development plans ensured that River Oaks’s parks and esplanades were planted with oaks, shrubs, azaleas and other flowers. Every detail of the development was planned to establish a well-integrated community. Advertised as a “distinguished experiment in fine living,” River Oaks became a national model for community planning. River Oaks’ planning standards, residential architecture, and landscape design were publicized during the 1920s and 1930s in national newspapers, real estate media and design journals.

During the 1920s, River Oaks was so effectively organized, planned and restricted that it became the most expensive neighborhood in Houston. The City of Houston annexed the community in 1927, adding 3,465 acres (1,402 ha) of land to the city limits. Bus service to Downtown Houston opened during the same year. After World War II, as Houston experienced its greatest growth, River Oaks became a haven for the wealthy of the city.

Located within the 610 Loop and halfway between Downtown and Uptown, River Oaks spans 1,100 acres (450 ha). The community is located in a region bounded on the north by Buffalo Bayou, on the east by South Shepherd Drive, on the west by Willowick Road, and on the south by Westheimer Road. River Oaks is located northeast of Uptown, north of the Upper Kirby district, west of Neartown, and is near to the freeway system and many major thoroughfares such as Westheimer Road, Kirby Drive and San Felipe Street.

Source: River Oaks on Wikipedia