We are excited to introduce our students, faculty and entire community to the Google for Education program here at The New School in the Heights! Each of our students in the middle and upper school classrooms will be using a Chromebook to help bring technology into the classroom in a safe, educational and efficient way. This will start in the fall semester, with full implementation before the end of the school year.

Chromebooks (and similar mobile devices and tablets) allow for differentiation of instruction and a greater ability to accommodate the varying academic abilities that we find in every classroom. Each student is unique in how they learn, so this technology now allows us to better cater to every individual’s needs.

Google For Education provides many benefits and features that we are excited to use in our classrooms to bring our curriculum to life. For example, storytelling applications like Story Bird provide students with a creative outlet which can be used across many subjects to create a historical biography, storyboard a science investigation or develop an original animated story. Math applications such as IXL Math are aligned with state standards, providing engaging content to keep your student motivated while practicing math concepts.

Introducing our students to this technology now will ensure that they are set up for success in the higher education and professional worlds. By instilling a sense of respect for the power of social media, responsibility for a globally-connected marketplace and a curiosity for discovery in the technical world and beyond, we hope to set our children up for a bright future! Google For Education is yet another feature we are using to achieve our mission of providing a positive and superior education to all our students.