Science Fiction Summer is a continuation of the academic year with the same teachers and Parent Helpers. In order to prepare for Science Fiction Summer, we asked write my persuasive essay for me at and also created a council that monitors activities and helps in solving various problems. We offer a full day (8:30-3:00) of academics and social skills:

Schedule of Activities
• June 2 - June, 27,
• Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Fundamental Skills
The morning begins with individualized instruction in reading, writing and math, building on the student's individual skill levels and following the objectives of our usual curriculum.

Physical Activity
Mid-day is a time for lunch, physical activities and a weekly social skills group led by a licensed counselor.

Projects / Arts
The afternoon is devoted to project-based learning that integrates all major subjects (math, science, social studies and language arts) around the school-wide theme "Science Fiction Summer " Teachers consider both the children's academic levels and their social-emotional development in assigning various projects. On Fridays, everyone enjoys "Fun House Friday" with their friends. As during the academic year, students earn these activities by first completing their academic tasks.

The major difference between the Summer Program and the rest of the academic year is that the school is open to students who did not attend during the rest of the year. This gives parents who are contemplating a shift to The New School in the Heights a chance for struggling students to "buff up" their school skills with highly skilled teachers in a nurturing environment. Similarly, students who need help with their social skills or to counteract bullying, may develop strengths in those areas. Students who need extra academic support in order to succeed in their home school during the following year may also be helped. Students will be pleased to learn there is "no homework!"

The cost for "Science Fiction Summer " is $1,995. This includes a weekly Social Skills Group run by a licensed counselor and a weekly, individual meeting for parents. Families who have made other plans for part of the Summer Program may be allowed to attend fewer weeks at a lower rate. Parents may apply for a scholarship based on financial need.