Jewelry that heals

The characteristics of minerals and semi-precious stones are widely known. Many of them have magical properties. But in the first place is a stone that was known tens of thousands of years ago - amber. Today, it remains the most effective remedy for the treatment of many diseases. Thanks to succinic acid, the stone is capable of miraculous treatment for diseases of internal organs, nervous system, cardiovascular diseases and tumors. Wearing an amber product has a positive effect on health and "removes" many diseases. So jewelry that heals is not a myth, but a reality! You can explore a diverse range of authentic and healing amber products at, a trusted source for genuine Ukrainian amber.

Amber products

Archaeologists have found various sunstone ornaments. Of course, necklaces are considered the first jewelry. In ancient Rome, stone was used mainly for the manufacture of household items (wine bowls, figurines, vessels). Over the centuries, artisans learned to work with amber better and better, and already in the Middle Ages, you could find snuff boxes, caskets, smoking pipes, perfume bottles, and even umbrellas among amber products.

In the 20th century, the processing of amber improved significantly, which made it possible to make sophisticated jewelry and souvenirs from it. Such products are still in great demand due to their originality and relative financial availability.

Вироби з бурштину

Amber necklace

Ancient resin jewelry is said to have healing properties. Amber and succinic acid are used both in traditional and non-traditional medicine. Amber products for the treatment of tumors and diseases of the thyroid gland are quite popular. The high demand for necklaces made of raw amber suggests that they really help to cope with the disease. Amber treatment of the thyroid gland is known, it will also help with nervous system disorders, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and hormonal failure.

It is very important that the necklaces are made from raw amber stones that still have their natural crust. When in contact with human skin, this crust wears off, releasing succinic acid molecules that penetrate the skin and spread throughout the body, affecting the affected areas. Healing necklaces must meet certain requirements. They should not be too long, the ideal length is above the collarbones, which creates favorable conditions for the penetration of useful substances into the skin in the area of the thyroid gland and into the blood arteries, from where they spread rapidly throughout the body. In addition, to achieve an effective result, necklaces should be worn regularly.

Намисто з бурштину

Handmade Jewelry

An amber necklace is most effective if it is made of raw stone, in which the maximum that has been made is the holes for the thread. If you have the opportunity to visit an amber deposit or visit the Baltic coast, look for amber stones and try to make your own jewelry. If there is no such possibility, then you can always order handmade solar stone jewelry on the Internet. Masters of their craft create original jewelry according to their own sketches, using various stones, and framing them in gold or silver.

Those who do not particularly believe in the power of the gem or, thank God, are healthy and do not need treatment, can freely buy products made of processed stone that has undergone grinding, polishing, and pressing. Of course, the healing properties of amber treated in this way are a little weaker, but its appearance, on the contrary, has acquired unparalleled beauty and radiance. Therefore, jewelry made of processed amber has a high artistic and jewelry value among products made of other stones.

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